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Connecting the Unconnected

Dunia Moja intends to support societal development by establishing reliable internet connection in schools and health centers. This is perhaps one of the major accomplishments of Dunia Moja Community network.  At Mtondia Village,  we have set a public hotspot  that is open all time to ensure people in the village are connected to the internet. All members of the public are allowed to use the hotspot since it does not require password for access. Consequently, we have supplied internet connection to different schools within Mtondia Village.

Broadband Installation

To extend the WiFi signal, we setup a router in a plastic bucket (Bucket-WiFi) so as to protect it from weather elements

Empowering the youth through digital skills

The 21st century is characterized by wide use of technology in providing essential services in the society. We felt that it will be of importance to introduce digital literacy among our students. Dunia Moja community network focuses on; Digital Literacy, Web Development, Animation creation using Scratch, and Mobile App Development. The students have successfully learnt Scratch- a programming language used to create stories, games, and animations. Currently the students are learning basic Web Development languages(HTML & CSS) before being introduced to other complex programming languages such as Javascript, Java, Kotlin, Python and many others. 

Also, the youths completed a 2-day Ajira Digital training program. Ajira Digital is a program developed and established by the Government of Kenya through the Ministry of ICT, Innovation and Youth affairs to bridge the gap between skills demand and lack of jobs. The program aims to introduce young people to digital and digitally-enabled work and provide the tools, training and mentorship needed for young people to work and earn an income with dignity

Lamuka Studentsin a coding class

Mimba Za Mapema, A Scratch animation program that sheds light on  early pregnancies.

Dunia Moja Students pose for a photo shortly after completing a 2-day Ajira Digital training

Training teachers on the skills of 21st century

Teachers from Mtondia Primary learning 21st educcator century skills

Apart from ensuring that schools have a reliable internet connection, Dunia Moja goes a step further to educate teachers on the 21st educator skills such as how to utilize online and updated sources of information to teach students.

Collaborating with other community networks

Collaborations are intended to bring together community networks to share ideas on how to methodically solve existing and emerging problems that cannot be solved by a single community network. We also learn from more developed CNs and as well give each other tips on how we can utilize various resources in order to provide quality service to the society.

Pictured: Dunia Moja Founder and Director Twahir Hussein alongside Oasis Mathare Founder and Director: