Ongoing activities at Lamuka Hub

Lamuka hub is perhaps one of the major settings at Dunia Moja Networks. Located about a 100m from Bamako(Mtondia Dispensary), Lmauka hub is a social enterprise founded by Twahir Hussein Kassim with an obejctive of empowering the youth through the use of the internet.

Amongst the social issues that Lamuka Hub aims to resolve are but not limited to: Spearheading the setup of community networks, Champion educating the rural youth on Digital literacy, Training teachers on skills of a 21st Century Educator, Partner with Vocational Training Centers to ensure the youth are exposed to the global village to make their trainings relevant in the 21st century.

 #Champion educating the rural youth on Digital literacy

Lamuka hub students pause for a photo after undertaking a 2 day Ajira Digital Training. Ajira Digital training is an initiative driven by the Government of Kenya through the Ministry of ICT to empower over one million young people access digital job opportunities.