APC is an international network of civil society organisations founded in 1990 dedicated to empowering and supporting people working for peace, human rights, development and protection of the environment, through the strategic use of information and communications technologies (ICTs). For more information 

Isoc Kenya chapter

The Internet is a place of possibility and opportunity. It is where we collaborate and innovate for a better world. Where we share our hopes and strengthen our bonds. It is where we work, learn, and make progress. For more infomation

Kilifi County government

We believe in a society and economy driven by values, not profits. Get more information about Kilifi county by clicking the Button below


KICTANet’s guiding philosophy is that of encouraging synergies for ICT policy related activities and initiatives. Accordingly, the Network provides mechanisms and a framework for continuing cooperation and collaboration in ICT matters among industry, technical community, academia, media, development partners and Government. Find more information by clicking the below button


TunapandaNET is the first Community Network (CN) in Kenya. Founded in 2015, the CN strives to provide affordable internet access to schools, social centers, and health facilities while also offering digital skills training to promote the development and distribution of culturally-relevant content. For more info

Oasis mathare

Oasis Mathare is an award winning and globally recognized youth-led organization that seeks to eradicate illiteracy and poverty through improving the quality of education and skills training.


As the world changes all around us, acquiring technical skills is what brings opportunity and the promise of education is what offers hope. Who will teach and nurture these world changers of tomorrow, these global problem solvers? We will. Together with our education, instructor, training and employment partners we’ve made a commitment to developing the workforce of the future. Join us as we change the world – one student at a time.