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Dunia Moja Founder; Twahir Hussein Kassim

Digital Information is central to our daily life activities and important in the country at present times. Advances in information and digital communication technologies have brought about the using, watching, uploading, downloading, sharing, representation, recording, and communication of information in digital form. Being digitally literate is the need of the hour and utmost important for upliftment and empowerment of all youths including those youths in the villages. Due to some government initiatives information is moving towards digital technology hence increasing education facility, economic power, availability of technology, distribution of Smartphone, laptop, and competition of providing internet facility by network distributers. The sole purpose of Dunia Moja networks is to connect the unconnected and teach digital literacy since digital literacy is an important strength of all people as it  empowers their existing knowledge, fulfil their daily needs and makes them aware of the government programs and plans.


To connect the unconnected and empower youths to create a path out of poverty through digital Devices and skills


We see a digital literate community, where everyone is easily connected to the internet and youths harnessing digital skills while using them to earn a living.

Dunia Moja community network students