Networking is a major problem in rural areas and developing countries where there is inadequate access to telecommunications. Dunia Moja networks is the first ever community network in rural Kilifi that aims to connect the unconnected by providing internet access to public centers such as schools and health facilities while training youths on digital skills and promoting digital literacy through its child organization Lamuka hub

What we do

Connecting the unconnected

Dunia Moja intends to support development of the society by establishing a reliable internet connection in..

Digital Literacy

Dunia Moja community network focuses on; Digital Literacy, Web Development…

Training teachers on 21st century educator skills

Apart from ensuring that schools have a reliable internet connection, Dunia Moja goes a step further to educate……

Collaborating with other CNs

Collaborations are intended to bring together community networks to share ideas on how to methodically solve existing and emerging problems that…

Our Partners

Impact & Stories

Importance of Community Networks

Community networks are community-based electronic network services, provided at little or no cost to users. In essence, community networks ...

All you need to know about Digital literacy

The government initiated the program out of the conviction that technology has the power to bring about systemic change in basic and higher educati...

Girls in ICT

We currently have approximately 2m kids who have just completed their four 4 and Standard 8 exams. Looking at the expanse Kenyan curriculum, these kids were fully engaged …

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